A Thorny Start

Rose Thorns - January 2013

Rose thorns – January 2013

Most of my photos of flowers and other plant life have been taken in my garden. I see this garden every day and I’ve known it all my life – but sometimes I don’t think I really do see it. I enjoy the garden as a whole space: I sit in a chair and soak up the sun, but I’m more likely to be reading a book rather than looking at the effect the sunlight has on the plants around me; I wander around it and point out pretty flowers, but I’m often too lost in my own thoughts to consider them any further. It’s so easy to miss the finer details of something you are accustomed to looking at every day.

Photography has given me a way to slow down and process what I see and, I think, to truly appreciate what I see and what I have around me. Going into the garden with a camera enables me to seek out the details in my surroundings that I might otherwise miss. Taking photos more regularly has already sparked a change in the way I look about me, and I am much more likely to linger over things I normally wouldn’t even notice.

I’d had my eye on these rose thorns for a while. I thought they looked interesting and had the potential to look quite sinister, especially when taken in isolation. But I wasn’t quite sure how to approach them – there seemed to be so many ways to do it and at the same time only one way that would be right. There is no ‘right’, though, so I just got in close to see what I might end up with!


6 thoughts on “A Thorny Start

  1. what you say is so true…just looking a things with a different perspective, we often miss so much and is so close to use…love this one too…specially the texture

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