A Splash of Colour

Hellebore - February 2013

Hellebore – February 2013

Although there can be great beauty in the less obviously beautiful, it is nice to see some brighter colours during the winter too. The first few splashes look particularly striking, set as they are against a backdrop of plants that are either in the process of closing themselves down or preparing for their own soon-to-be-revealed presentations of colour.

There are several Hellebores out in the garden at the moment, scattered about in little clusters. They are quite an old-fashioned looking flower, especially when they are that rich, smooth shade of cream (which always makes me think of fresh milk in a pail, like something out of Tess of the D’Urbervilles). The way they hang their heads makes them look shy, but they really aren’t when they come out of their shell.

This pink/purple Hellebore was one of the first to raise its head, and when it did I was lucky enough to be able to capture it on a sunny day. The slightly gold-tinged sunlight looked lovely as it mingled with the purple hue of the petals, and the whole thing seemed to glow.


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