Series: Shells #1

Shells - February 2013

Shells – February 2013

This collection of shells lives in an old colander outside in the garden, and I thought they would be an interesting thing to explore. I needed to increase the white balance quite a bit, which left the final pictures with a grainy, hazy quality to them. Initially disappointed, I have decided to take the view that this could work to the advantage of the mood. Shells are quite nostalgic objects, as not only do they conjure memories and dreams of the sea and walks on the beach, they are relics of other living things with their own histories to tell. I suppose it is fitting, then, that the images have been given a slightly ‘misty’ effect…that’s the optimistic outlook, anyway!

I would like to come back and explore this collection further (hopefully without the haze!), as there are so many points of interest depending on how you look at them: when taking this set of pictures (more to come) sometimes unique, individual shells stood out but at other times the interest lay in the way the collection ‘functioned’ as a whole – how the colours of the shells contrasted with or complemented each other, and how they interacted with each other when I rooted through them  .


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