Linocut: Mohican Bird

Linocut: Mohican Bird - May 2013

Linocut: Mohican Bird – May 2013

My second linocut, again using an old doodle, and again looking like a dodgy photocopy – but I have since done a few more prints and they look much smoother and much less rough and ready! I will scan them in and post them soon. They are currently pegged up in the spare room on a makeshift washing line drying off, along with prints of  two other linocut designs I have done so far. I love the process of cutting the lino. It’s quite relaxing, and the fact that you don’t really know what the finished print will look like, and that each print is slightly different from the next, is exciting. I now find myself scouring books, blogs and other websites, eagerly searching out examples of linocut artwork that I can study, appreciate, learn from…and envy just a little bit too :)

EDIT: Here is the smoother print –

Mohican Bird - May 2013

Mohican Bird – May 2013

A print of this design on newspaper can also be seen here:


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