Linocut: Beneath the Deep Blue

Beneath the Deep Blue - Linocut - May/June 2013

Beneath the Deep Blue – Linocut – May/June 2013

An exercise in cutting pattern – once I got into it, it was really fun. This is the first linocut where I have actually filled in (or cut into) the background, and I am quite pleased with how it has turned out. Looking at this print though, I think the next step is to work on defining the central image so that it stands out from whatever is going on “behind” it. This seahorse looks a little bit drowned out by the water/waves!


Drifting Wishes

Drifting Wishes - May 2013

Drifting Wishes – May 2013

Taken at the end of May, in the late afternoon when the sun was steadily moving behind the house. This dandelion straddled both shade and sun, which resulted in a nice ‘sparkly’ effect at the top.

There are a few more photos from last month to come, and a new linocut will be up soon too!

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes – Pollen Trail

This week’s Photo Challenge is going to produce some really interesting and diverse posts. This is mine –

The Pollen Trail - June 2013

The Pollen Trail – June 2013

Poppies are my favourite flower; I absolutely love them. The ones in the garden at the moment are the really big, showy kind – or they were until the wind blew them to pieces. The stamen is huge and bulky and sprinkled with purple pollen (which looks great with the red). When I took this picture, the pollen was also dusted between the petals, which, when I brought my eye level with the flower, I could see formed a kind of tunnel as they curved in towards the middle. I thought this looked pretty mysterious and magical. I like flower pictures where you can’t see the whole flower – where you can’t immediately tell what kind it is, or even that it is a flower. These poppies really are huge, so I thought they would work well for this kind of picture. There are so many potential points of focus, but this ‘pollen trail’ really caught my eye.

Doodle #8: Ailing Rat

Ailing Rat - June 2013

Ailing Rat – June 2013

First doodle in a little while – I’m currently in one of those phases where I am ‘between ideas’ and am just thinking about what I want to do next (ie. a non-productive phase!). Hopefully there will be more linocuts on the way, but for now here is a rat who looks decidedly peaky.

I’ve got quite a few photos from the end of May and the beginning of this month to post, so they will be up soon too.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

Bee - June 2013

Bee – June 2013

Another Photo Challenge featuring an insect! Capturing a bee at its work can be hard work in itself sometimes. When I have been quick enough to do this, more often than not it has been when the bee is taking its time over a particular flower. If I do catch them in flight, it is usually only as a retreating blur. This one looks as though it is waiting for me to take its picture and be done with so that she can carry on without me shadowing her.

This might seem like a strange thing for someone who takes a lot of pictures of flowers to admit, but I am one of those irritating people who scream and flap if a bee comes near me (sorry). My paranoia about being stung doesn’t stop me from liking them though – albeit from a safe distance. They remind me of proper summer days, and I realise now that their importance has been unappreciated, at least by me.

Just don’t get me started on wasps…