Linocut: 1920’s Portrait

1920s portrait - July 2013

Linocut: 1920s portrait – July 2013


Doodle #9

Coloured pencils & acrylic paint in sketchbook - July 2013

Coloured pencils & acrylic paint in sketchbook – July 2013 [low quality scan]

A new piece from one of my various sketchbooks. This was a bit of an experiment (not a very ambitious one though!) with coloured pencils. All but the skin and the green coat were done using coloured pencils, including the black outline. Usually I use black fineliner pen to outline my drawings, but quite often I have felt that it looks a bit too bold. Most of my drawings are quite small, and so the fineliner pen that I have tends to be a bit too thick in comparison. My hand-control is also not the best – I tend to stop and start (and wobble) a lot, which is very obvious with fineliner. I quite like the cleaner look of a nice sharp black pencil, although mine are now worn down to stubs! My next aim is to invest in some black pens with finer nibs, but in the meantime I will get as much out of those stubs as possible!