Daily Prompt: Playtime

Favourite shirt - acrylic paint & newspaper - October 2013

Favourite shirt – acrylic paint & newspaper – October 2013

I haven’t taken part in one of these for a little while and this one looks fun. For me, ‘play’ sums up what art is all about, or at least what my approach to it is about. The kind of art I like the most often has an underlying dark humour to it, and the kind of art I create couldn’t really be classed as  ‘serious’!

One of my favourite things to work with (and the reason I chose this picture in response to the prompt) is newspaper. There are few things more satisfying than ripping random words from an old newspaper and then playing around with them, giving them a different meaning  by creating new sentences, statements – whatever. So much fun! Whether they make sense or not doesn’t really matter…in fact I think I prefer it if they don’t, or if they seem only to make sense in the context of a drawing that makes you go, ‘what?’ (as in, ‘what the hell is that supposed to mean?). Oddness and confusion all adds to the fun of it, I think; anything that makes you wonder what was going on in the artist’s mind at the time (and maybe fear for their sanity, just a little bit – scratch that: art keeps you sane) is all good stuff in my opinion. Art is something that has spilled out of someone’s mind, after all; it’s bound to be a little bit weird.


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