It’s Christmas!

Christmas 2013Wishing you all a happy Christmas and New Year!

Thanks for sticking with this blog – I hope 2014 will bring even more exciting things to share.


Doodle #12: The Dame

The Dame: Pen in sketchbook - December 2013

The Dame: Pen in sketchbook – December 2013

Having just completed another linocut, I sat down intending to design another print, feeling like I would do some more (I’ve just bought a whole load of new lino, so am excited to use it), but that’s not what I ended up with. It was a pretty frustrating drawing session, nothing came out looking anywhere near half-decent, but I carried on and then this lady (excuse me: Dame) appeared. I quite liked the pencil drawing as it was and wasn’t actually convinced this would work as a print, which is what I had assumed I would be doing. I think it’s a bit too spare, a bit too sketchy and going through the whole process of making it into a linocut, cutting it etc. seemed a bit much for what is really a scribbly, sketchy drawing. I would have left the pencil drawing alone as it was, but the smudgy ghosts of its failed predecessors were pretty obvious. So my new pens came to the rescue and actually gave me a fun opportunity to try out the different nib sizes.

Although this isn’t a print, I would quite like to include it as part of the Portrait series. I had intended this to be a series of prints (pictures of these will materialise on here one day, I promise; I have plans for it but won’t explain them yet: annoying hints only I’m afraid), but I think it might be quite fun to make it a mixed-media project, including both prints and drawings, or whatever it might be. I’ll see how it goes, but for now at least, this Dame is an honorary Portrait.