Animal Miniature No. 1: Chimp


Animal Miniature: Chimp - March 2014

Animal Miniature no. 1: Chimp

This is the first in what I decided today (after doing another one) will be a series of ‘Animal Miniatures’. The second will be posted up here soon – I’ll leave you to guess what animal it is!

Dubious connection alert: I recently watched a fascinating documentary about British Renaissance art (people in the UK can still catch it here) and it included the beautiful miniatures of Nicholas Hilliard. I’m not saying this is my take on those (!!) but I was inspired by their shape and they definitely gave me an itch to do some more portrait-style drawings. Strange what leaps the mind makes, isn’t it? From exquisitely beautiful Elizabethan art to….this dentally over-endowed creature.


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