Alphabet of Animal Miniatures: A is for…

A is for Anteater

A is for Anteater

…Anteater! I started out of order with C and B (here and here) but I will try and keep them all in their proper place now. So here is where it all begins, and who better to kick off an Alphabet of, let’s face it, largely dentally challenged animals than this very toothy creature?

Overwhelmed by Plaits and an Animal Update


I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend.

So, first of all, the series of Animal Miniatures has turned into an Alphabet of Animal Miniatures. I have four more to do (the obvious ones have been left till last – Q, U, V, X and, for some reason, N) but I will post up some of the finished ones soon.

For now, here is a new drawing/painting (acrylic and pen on cartridge paper) that is mercifully not animal-themed. After drawing lots of animals one after the other it was nice to have an interval for the creepy people!

I’ll be back soon with more of the alphabet, but first I’m going to sit and contemplate those leftover letters – I feel like the loser in Scrabble!

Animal Miniature No. 2: Bear


Animal Miniature: Bear

Animal Miniature: Bear

The second in the series of Animal Miniatures I started at the weekend. I’ve since done three others, so expect  more dentally challenged creatures appearing in pseudo-portrait form on here soon. I’ve got an idea of how many I want to do, but for now I’m just having fun with them!