Another Flower Girl: Bouquet of Poppies


Following on from the sunflower theme of the other day, I thought I would continue running with it and create another drawing featuring some of my favourite flowers. I think poppies might actually take the top spot for me, so they were the obvious next choice. There may be more flower girls appearing very soon, doing these made me very happy – I think it’s all that colour, it ties in so well with the gorgeous sunshine outside!


Cosmic Crisis



Some photos of one of the slightly larger pieces I have recently completed. Mixed media on cartridge paper. I’m focusing on colour at the moment!

Text reads:

The stars speak to me but the moon is as silent as a stone

Seven Sunflowers

Seven Sunflowers

Maybe it’s all of the beautiful colour raging around the garden at the moment, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the photos I used to take of flowers, leaves, thorns – whatever it might be. I realised I haven’t really done any photography for a long time now as I’ve been focusing on drawing, painting and printing. It sounds odd but it feels like quite a natural progression, as though somehow all of that colour and picking out certain details with the lens was a kind of practice ground for working out the kind of images I like to make. Although I do enjoy taking photos – there is something so satisfying about capturing something just at the right moment – I have always enjoyed drawing and all of that more than photography; I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, long before I got my hands on a camera. I think it feels freer for me to start with a blank page rather than choose something to focus on in an already established ‘canvas’. I’m not technically-minded enough to stage my own scenes – I wouldn’t know what scenes to stage – but on paper I can make things up as I go along, draw things that don’t exist, and, crucially, create people with teeth so horrible you just wouldn’t find them in the mouth of a real person. Also, when it comes down to it, I think I’m just a bit too lazy, not industrious enough to branch out into that kind of thing. I like a comfy chair, a cup of tea and a good pencil.

That was all an unnecessarily winding, introspective way of saying: here is a drawing inspired by the two massive sunflowers (seriously, their stalks are more like trunks) growing in my garden and brightening the whole place up.

Victorian Romance

I’ve had a lovely, busy few days working on some new things, but unfortunately they are all too big for the scanner. But fear not, I have purposefully held back a few pieces for a time such as this, so this blog doesn’t suddenly go visually silent. This nameless Victorian couple (they are made of tea, of course) is from May. A few more of these waiting in the wings!