After the Storm

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After the last slightly gloomy post, I thought I’d give Mother Nature some credit and post up the evidence that the rain I mentioned last time only lasted for a day and now we are back enjoying some lovely sunny days again. I haven’t posted a photo in a long time – I haven’t taken a photo in a long time – but yesterday I was out in the garden and the urge just took me. These yellow flowers (the name escapes me for now, but if any green-fingered readers know what they are, then do educate me in the comments!) caught my eye, not just because they are so sunny and happy-looking, but because they were abuzz with a veritable colony of bees (albeit a very varied colony, there were some nice chubby bumblebees mixing with the honeys ;) ). I wanted to try and capture more than one bee at the same time, but as you can see from these pictures, I failed; for all of their apparent networking, they were happier to be doing their own thing.


In All Weathers



Really dodgy scan. (Click to enlarge)

It had to come sooner or later – after a few weeks of lovely sunny September weather, today it’s gone all out with thunder, lightning, and lots and lots of rain. This piece is actually from a few weeks ago (during said lovely weather) but I thought it was perfect for today’s post. If only I had one of those nifty umbrella hats…not so sure about the lizardy-looking creature though. It may bite.

A Goozeberry Milestone!


I came on here to post something completely different, only to find that this blog now has 108 followers! The last time I looked it was somewhere in the 80’s, so that was a lovely surprise. Thank you to all of you (and any non-following snoopers :) ) for coming along and taking an interest in the strange things that go on around here. To show my appreciation I thought it was only fitting to post something that had a really happy air to it. Enter this grinning tortoise, who I originally drew for my sister’s recent birthday but whose celebratory smile I think serves its purpose well here too!

The last animal I posted was a knobbly-kneed camel – I think this tortoise has gone more for the chunky look…

Birds, Books & Blue Skies

SCN_0100-002Books, birds, blue sky and a bit of meditation (maybe) – sounds lovely. But there’s a little bit of regret in here too: I envy this lady’s long hair. I had mine cut to my shoulders recently and I miss my old hair already! Now for the long wait as it grows back…