After the Storm

DSC_0030 (5)-002

DSC_0037 (3)-001

After the last slightly gloomy post, I thought I’d give Mother Nature some credit and post up the evidence that the rain I mentioned last time only lasted for a day and now we are back enjoying some lovely sunny days again. I haven’t posted a photo in a long time – I haven’t taken a photo in a long time – but yesterday I was out in the garden and the urge just took me. These yellow flowers (the name escapes me for now, but if any green-fingered readers know what they are, then do educate me in the comments!) caught my eye, not just because they are so sunny and happy-looking, but because they were abuzz with a veritable colony of bees (albeit a very varied colony, there were some nice chubby bumblebees mixing with the honeys ;) ). I wanted to try and capture more than one bee at the same time, but as you can see from these pictures, I failed; for all of their apparent networking, they were happier to be doing their own thing.


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