Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween everybody! I’m sure there’s supposed to be an apostrophe in there somewhere, but I’m going to be dangerous and leave it out for now (nothing at all to do with my confusion about exactly where it should be…)

To celebrate, here is the final drawing in my Halloween-themed triptych (see here and here for the first two): a fiery devil, Goozeberry style!

Enjoy whatever you are doing this Halloween, whether you are decorating your windows with cobwebs and paper ghosts, dressing up and having a party, or just having a normal day.


Cute/Scary Bats and Other Halloween Chit-Chat


As promised, here is the second themed drawing in celebration of Halloween. I personally think bats are adorable (for just one example of their adorableness, watch this ) , but I know some people find them scary. And I suppose I might find them a bit unnerving if I was standing in a dark cave with thousands of unseen bats flying all around, or to be more appropriate to the season standing in some dark, crumbling haunted mansion/on a ghostly windswept moor/locked in a damp cellar (yep I get it, bats-as-spooky definitely have their place at this creepy time of year!). But mostly I just want to be that brilliant woman in the video and give a whole bunch of them a cuddle all at once.

Be warned though, this fella is cute compared to the final Halloween piece coming up tomorrow. Let’s just say it’s a little more hellish

Night Terror

DSC_0055 (3)-002

In two days time it will be Halloween, and in celebration there will be three spooky (or spooky-ish) drawings making an appearance on the blog up to and including the day itself. So let’s start with this one! The picture of ‘Night Terror’ above is a photo rather than a scan, so you can see all of the crinkles in the paper (it’s a curse!). Have a nosy below at the close-ups, although be warned there is a monster lurking at the bottom…

DSC_0044 (3)-001
DSC_0045 (3)-001
DSC_0046 (3)-001

The Hunter


Digging a little deeper into the Jar, I found this from a few months ago. She wouldn’t look out of place in some kind of hunting lodge, with their unsettling trophies hanging all over the walls. But judging by those teeth, I’d guess she is more likely to have been the hunter rather than anything else.
Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. Something new to come next!

Funny Frogs (and a lot of parentheses)


Make room for this squishy fella, please. He was a lot of fun to do but I haven’t yet decided on a name – I was thinking something along the lines of Mr Christopher, if that doesn’t make me sound too bonkers! This drawing is from a few weeks ago. I’d been wanting to draw a frog (or a toad; in the documentary I’m about to mention, apparently the two terms are interchangeable) for a while, but what got me actually sitting down and doing it was a David Attenborough documentary a month or two ago all about frogs. It was a fascinating programme (of course, it was Attenborough) but also really funny. I love frogs, I think they are really cute, strange and endearing things anyway, but my favourite clip had to be the one of the Panamanian golden frog. If you haven’t come across these little creatures before, google them or search Youtube along with the word ‘waving’. You will not be sorry.
As part of a mating ritual and to fend off rivals, these frogs communicate through semaphore, by waving at each other – a hilarious, solemn and almost regal little circle of the hand (foot?) that will either win a lady frog (only if she returns the wave, of course) or scare off any other hopeful males. I laughed harder than I think I have ever laughed at a documentary before, at this and at other various clips of frogs doing funny things (why isn’t that a regular show? I would watch it). If you can find the programme anywhere then do watch it; I think it was called David Attenborough’s Fabulous Frogs.
Sadly, the golden frog is very rare and they now only exist in captivity – but let’s hope their heartwarming (hilarious) waving doesn’t turn into one of farewell any time soon.

A Brand New Portrait and Facebook Chat


In the past few weeks I have been running a bit behind in posting new stuff here on the blog – the Goozeberry Jar facebook page has been getting the first look at things, because usually I am already logged in on there and time doesn’t always allow me room for multiple uploadings. Today I thought I’d start being fair again and post something brand new to both pages. Nothing spectacular, but this little portrait was finished today so it couldn’t be fresher! I’m not entirely happy with the size of this lady’s head in relation to her body, but then she does have that luscious load of hair to support, so maybe it doesn’t matter that she’s a little top-heavy. Just don’t ask her to stand up unaided (she looks quite rigid in this picture so I would say she is leaning against a wall) or she’ll topple right over, bonce-first.

On a side-note, if any of you lovely blog-followers are interested in liking my facebook page then do feel free. Like I said, sometimes it gets first look at new stuff from me, and I also share any awesome artist discoveries I have stumbled across, usually with the esteemed assistance of the likes of the Jealous Curator and Artistic Moods (both pages you must check out even if you don’t fancy following mine – if you love art, you’ll find something juicy on one of these!)

Until next time…

Hello, Hettie


And hello again after a little silence – it’s October! Officially autumn now, and officially quite cold. But I love this time of year, with the lovely red and gold colours, fresh air and some sun if we’re lucky. And of course layering up with jumpers, cardigans, scarves, boots – it’s definitely more fun dressing for this time of year!
Anyway, this is Hettie, a cheeky, chubby little hamster who may or may not have eaten two of the flowers from her own border. Another strange creature to come soon, along with a few more creepy people. I think as Halloween is just around the corner the latter will be making an appearance then to celebrate.

Speaking of celebration, I’ve just seen that this is my 100th post on this blog – exciting! Thanks to everyone who has shown interest in all of the previous posts to make it worth keeping it going to this point :)