Hello, Hettie


And hello again after a little silence – it’s October! Officially autumn now, and officially quite cold. But I love this time of year, with the lovely red and gold colours, fresh air and some sun if we’re lucky. And of course layering up with jumpers, cardigans, scarves, boots – it’s definitely more fun dressing for this time of year!
Anyway, this is Hettie, a cheeky, chubby little hamster who may or may not have eaten two of the flowers from her own border. Another strange creature to come soon, along with a few more creepy people. I think as Halloween is just around the corner the latter will be making an appearance then to celebrate.

Speaking of celebration, I’ve just seen that this is my 100th post on this blog – exciting! Thanks to everyone who has shown interest in all of the previous posts to make it worth keeping it going to this point :)


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