A Brand New Portrait and Facebook Chat


In the past few weeks I have been running a bit behind in posting new stuff here on the blog – the Goozeberry Jar facebook page has been getting the first look at things, because usually I am already logged in on there and time doesn’t always allow me room for multiple uploadings. Today I thought I’d start being fair again and post something brand new to both pages. Nothing spectacular, but this little portrait was finished today so it couldn’t be fresher! I’m not entirely happy with the size of this lady’s head in relation to her body, but then she does have that luscious load of hair to support, so maybe it doesn’t matter that she’s a little top-heavy. Just don’t ask her to stand up unaided (she looks quite rigid in this picture so I would say she is leaning against a wall) or she’ll topple right over, bonce-first.

On a side-note, if any of you lovely blog-followers are interested in liking my facebook page then do feel free. Like I said, sometimes it gets first look at new stuff from me, and I also share any awesome artist discoveries I have stumbled across, usually with the esteemed assistance of the likes of the Jealous Curator and Artistic Moods (both pages you must check out even if you don’t fancy following mine – if you love art, you’ll find something juicy on one of these!)

Until next time…


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