Cute/Scary Bats and Other Halloween Chit-Chat


As promised, here is the second themed drawing in celebration of Halloween. I personally think bats are adorable (for just one example of their adorableness, watch this ) , but I know some people find them scary. And I suppose I might find them a bit unnerving if I was standing in a dark cave with thousands of unseen bats flying all around, or to be more appropriate to the season standing in some dark, crumbling haunted mansion/on a ghostly windswept moor/locked in a damp cellar (yep I get it, bats-as-spooky definitely have their place at this creepy time of year!). But mostly I just want to be that brilliant woman in the video and give a whole bunch of them a cuddle all at once.

Be warned though, this fella is cute compared to the final Halloween piece coming up tomorrow. Let’s just say it’s a little more hellish


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