Puzzlebook Poem #1


I love wordplay. I love puzzles. So I thought: why not combine the two? Actually, the creation of what I am calling ‘Puzzlebook Poems’ was more accidental than that. After finishing an Arroword puzzle, a couple of the clues caught my eye and I noticed that they could be strung together and a little narrative fashioned. I had so much fun doing the Nonsense Newspaper Narratives and this was like a quicker version of that. I liked the idea that each individual puzzle contained its own hidden story, so I gathered all of the clues from one page rather than flipping through the whole book and snipping out what I wanted, as I did by going through a newspaper. Unfortunately my scanner doesn’t share my love of words and you can’t really see the ‘poem’ here, but this is how it goes (with / to indicate a new clue on that line):

That girl/Turned up
Found a chair/Ill-fitting

Cheroots/Went in procession/Ethereal glow

Reminiscent (of)/Grandmother

…What do you mean it doesn’t make sense?! More on the way!


Blurry close-up of some of the clues


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