Puzzlebook Poem #2: Self-Esteem


Following on from the first ‘poem’, here is number two in the series! As soon as my eye landed on these clues I was intrigued by the strange image they made and I knew I had to use them. Really the idea behind this one was right there in the Arroword puzzle itself: these two clues were next to each other making this strange sentence; the ‘story’ had been written, all I had to do was illustrate it. Two extremes of self-esteem are represented on the odd little fan-shaped thing (the self-esteem I suppose!) in this lady’s hand: a sense of worth at the positive end and anxiety at the negative. I wonder whether the person who compiled the puzzle (if it isn’t automated) was having some kind of existential crisis when they positioned those clues beside each other?

I had a lot of fun using coloured pencils on this, as lately I have mainly been using paint with the pencils just there to add little bolder highlights or certain details (eye colour, cheeks & lips etc.). In this and the first Poem though I just used paint for the pale skin and the base colour of the hair (and the jeans in this one), going all out with proper colouring-in for the rest. Partly for that reason I couldn’t resist some more funky knitwear! If I see a jumper like this I might just have to buy one for myself…


Close-up of the clues



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