Marine Vampires and Crop-Circles at the Bottom of the Sea


Another creature inspired by David Attenborough. Well, inspired by another of his documentaries, this time the latest episode of the incredible Life Story. I wanted to share this episode in particular because it features some rather creative creatures – a number of dancing birds (including a flame bowerbird with some very fetching eyebrows and an avian duo with an impressive synchronised routine), a dancing spider and a little Japanese puffer fish with a huge talent for creating beautiful, intricate crop circles at the bottom of the sea. If you don’t have time to watch the whole episode, this section is worth it – it starts at about 9 mins in and I dare you not to gape at the screen when the final masterpiece is revealed.
So, to the seal. The dominant male seals in the programme were, to put it mildly, viciously, violently competitive, thwacking against each other and tearing shreds of flesh from necks like rabid marine-vampires. I think it’s fair to say my guy is a bit more subdued than that. I think he’s more of an onlooker, maybe even a bit of a pacifist. Either way, he sure isn’t using those teeth to rip anyone to shreds.

If you want to see more creatures like this, along with some creepy, odd little people, you can find them on the Goozeberry Jar facebook page here.


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