Merry Christmas!


Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and happy New Year from me here in the Goozeberry garret! I hope you all enjoy the day tomorrow however you are spending it – and the rest of the festive break too, if you are lucky enough to get a break (I know some of you might be working over Christmas). Whatever you are doing, I thought I’d provide this trio of carol singers to provide some festive background music.

A huge thank you to the lovely followers of this blog for your likes and comments over the past year, your feedback is very appreciated. My next post will appear in 2015, so…see you then!


All I Want for Christmas is…


…two gloriously crooked and discoloured front teeth, of course!

If that wish were true of all my creations, every day would be Christmas for them. I feel like I have spent the past year committing a series of crimes against dentistry…and I don’t see any kind of redemption any time soon! More goofiness coming up, I’m sure.