The Embroidery Circle and Sewing Confessions


And the first doodle of 2015 is in the Jar! Although it has been bleached out of existence by my scanner, the wall is actually painted lilac.
This may or may not have been inspired by a little bout of embroidery I did a few months ago and I may or may not be waiting to find a particular piece of ribbon (to go around the embroidery hoop) to finish it off. If that ribbon is being looked for, and if it is found, then maybe that small piece (and it is small and simple) of embroidery will be photographed and posted up for you all to see…
Sewing is something I have always wished I was better at and something I have dallied with on and off for years. In one of my imagined lives (everyone has those, don’t they…?) I am a master embroiderer and textile artist, and I can actually thread up a sewing machine without help. Every time I see an amazing piece of textile work I am filled with awe and inspiration – I love textile art! So every year I plod along in my own way and usually do at least one sewing project. I love it but also learn, again, just how impatient I really am and why sewing is not something I do regularly as I secretly wish I did. This recent project was different though, because it was the first original thing I have done. Usually I satisfy my urge to sew by doing a project out of a book – where my impatient, non-logical brain has nothing to worry about as the templates and instructions are all there for me to follow (although usually I still find some way to misread them). But as much as I enjoyed these, there was always a little part of me that wanted to do something of my own. Embroidery was the last project I did – see below – and I thought it might be the best way to translate my drawing into stitch. So I drew up a simple design, traced it onto the fabric and got going. And I loved it! It was really satisfying and actually quite calming to sit and do and I would love to do some more. So maybe when that ribbon is found I will post a picture of my little excursion into sewing. In the meantime, I’ve got some more drawing to do – with a pencil, this time.


^^ My first foray into embroidery a few years ago – this picture was taken before it was finished, when I was trying to decide on some of the colours- taken from this book by Gisela Thwaites. Maybe I’ll take a photo of the finished project and post that up too! The finished elephant is embellished with sequins – which, like the letter stamps in my usual drawing/painting work, I had to stop myself from adding to every available surface.

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