Lunar Flight

DSC_0075 (2)-001

The Goozeberry Jar on Facebook

Lots of Goozeberry imagery in this one. The night sky, a ratty companion, books, a flouncy dress…I had a lot of fun getting them all in there. Rather than cartridge paper, I have recently started using Bristol board. I find the cartridge paper I was using is thinner than it used to be (isn’t everything a bit lesser than it used to be, for the same money??) and because of the tea and watered-down paints it tended to crinkle too much. The Bristol board is of course thicker and sturdier, and seems to do the job well. I do love finding new ways of doing things.
This one is bigger than A4 but slightly less than A3 – so too big for the scanner: dodgy photos it is! Have a look below at some close-ups :)

DSC_0091 (3)-003

Close-up of Lunar Flight

DSC_0087 (2)-001

The rat reading his book

DSC_0095 (3)-003

Close-up of the dress…and the hairy legs!


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