Turn to the Stars

DSC_0160 (3)-003More images below

Photos of the new one. I do love a starscape! For this I started with the fact that the stars can be used to guide us through the world physically (for those who know how to read constellations anyway) and from there I thought it would be nice to experiment with an image of my Goozeberry people using the stars (with letter-stamps of course) to navigate the invisible paths in life – those moments of confusion, fear, desperation, decision-making etc. that come around every now and then, when things feel beyond your control and the only thing you can do is throw it out to something other.
So the text on the close up that reads ‘Please lend me your light, I’ve lost my way’ can be interpreted to mean both mental and physical disorientation.
The rat hasn’t yet formulated what his dilemma is, so you can conjure that for yourself…

DSC_0144 (3)-006

‘Please lend me your light, I’ve lost my way’

DSC_0142 (2)-003

‘Please keep them safe’

DSC_0147 (3)-004

‘Please…’ The rat’s incomplete “prayer”


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