ATC (Without the T and, er, some other crucial bits)


The moment I first saw Artist Trading Cards (look them up – you won’t regret it), a few years back now, I wanted to make my own. They seemed so exciting, full of quirky ideas, found images and text, intriguing little glimpses into an artist’s mind. But I never got around to making my own. I didn’t think I could come up with anything as original as the examples I saw, and then there was the issue of size. Typical ATC’s are about the size of a playing card and I didn’t know if I could draw to such a small scale. It sounds stupid, a ridiculous reason not to do something. It would have been easy enough to give it a go, but for some reason I didn’t. So I admired from afar and although the desire lingered in the back of my mind I kind of forgot about the cards.

But then a pre-spring clean occurred in the house and a selection of old index cards and record cards turned up. I was also presented with a small pile of tattered seventies paperbacks that were otherwise destined for the recycling, which could be culled for words. Immediately I thought of Artist Trading Cards. Okay, the index cards are still too big, but I thought they would make a good starting point. I could always work down to playing-card size in time if the experiment worked. And I think it did – I loved it! It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to design something small. And actually it was so much fun working on a smaller scale. Why didn’t I do it before? I feel like I can play around and try things out and if it doesn’t work it doesn’t feel like such a big deal – because it’s small! It’s fun! More ‘official’ ATC’s are the size of a playing card, and I think their sense of playfulness is one of the things I love about them. I’ve made four of my own, ahem, ‘Artist Index Cards’ so far and plan to make more. Hopefully I will be able to add ‘Artist Trading Cards (proper size)’ to that collection soon, so watch this space!

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