Daffodil Picking


First of all, a disclaimer: I don’t recommend going about picking daffodils. Let them grow, folks! But second of all, we’ve had some really lovely sunny days recently so I thought I’d do a proper spring painting. It’s so nice to see some colour in the garden again with all the flowers coming out. The daffodils, hellebores and crocuses were the first, but the ones I’m really looking forward to are the tulips. All of them have their leaves out already, but a few have some buds coming so hopefully in the next few weeks they will all be out in full!


Embroidery: Bumble


Another embroidery design! I’ve been in a real sewing mood lately, juggling three projects in various states of completion. This is actually the third design I started (see the first one here) but I just happened to finish it before the second one. Most of this is simple chain stitch and back stitch, but I also tried satin stitch (on the wings) for the first time ever. I had some lovely silvery grey thread that has a nice sheen to it with this stitch. All that needs doing now is scouring the second-hand shops for a nice old frame to put it in…

June ’61


Another index card. I thought how perfect they would be for creating little photo-style portraits. I wanted this one to look a bit nostalgic (well, all photos are really) and weathered, as though it had been kept in a wallet or memento box for years and looked at often.