The Rat Whisperer and Other Goings-on in the Goozeberry Forest


Introducing the first of what is currently a band of two Forest Children. There may be more, and I have a couple of ideas floating around on the same theme, but I’m not sure yet. I like to think of this little guy living in the woods – although he’s surprisingly dapper for that – taking his two special ratty companions with him wherever he goes, but able to communicate with all the other rats too. A kind of Dickon from the Secret Garden, only I imagine this boy being a bit stranger, more like a little woodland ghost who might not understand people as well as he does animals and trees.

This was originally going to be a Puzzlebook Poem (see here for an explanation of that) and I had the words ready, but as I started drawing and the rats appeared I got the ‘rat whisperer’ idea and went with that instead. The second forest child, which I’ll post up later in the week, goes as a sort of pair with this one; I modelled her (for the second one is a girl) face on the face of the little fella above, as in the Puzzlebook Poem they were originally siblings.
As you can probably tell a lot of this is still floating half-formed in my head, so apologies for this post. Basically what I’m saying is, watch out for more woodland-themed people/creatures turning up in these parts…


New Embroidery!

DSC_0284 (4)-003 DSC_0284 (4)-004

Finally finished – I’ve been working on this one on and off for a few months, picking it up whenever I felt like sewing rather than drawing or painting. It doesn’t have a title yet, although I’m very tempted to call it ‘The Beards and the Bees’…
After a bit of a doodle-drought when nothing seemed to be working I’ve recently finished a couple of new paintings, so they will be posted up on here soon. In the meantime, if you’d like to keep up to date with Goozeberry goings-on and see new pieces, you can pop over and say hello here. I have also updated this site a little bit by adding an embroidery gallery which you can have a look at here. Hopefully there will be more to fill it up soon!