The Goozeberry Jar is now in 3D!

DSC_0341 (3)-003 Side-eye, Goozeberry-style

So I should have posted this a week or two ago, but here it is now…my first Goozeberry-style piece of 3D work. And it is of course a stuffed, hanging head – what else?As with the embroidery before I tried out my own designs, I had done a couple of stuffed textile projects out of books, but this is the first one following my own design (and rules, probably; I’m new at this).

These photos make her face look very flat and pancake-like, but hopefully it isn’t that bad in real life. Either way it was really satisfying to have something more physical at the end of it, and I got to use my new (also first ever) sewing machine to stitch it all together (her features are hand-embroidered) which was a lot of fun. More 3D stuff in the future!


Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day for yesterday! I hope all the dads enjoyed their day and got treated to nice things :) I inherited my liking for sarcasm from my Dad, so I thought it only fitting I give a little back to him for his card in the form of this grumpy gorilla!

I’ve been a bit silent on here recently, but I have several things lined up to post. If you’d like to see more of what I’ve been up to, you can see some recent things here.

Something About Counting Hens…?

SCN_0153-001 (Close-ups below)

If we didn’t have cats and a family of foxes who occasionally wander into the garden, I would love to adopt some ex-egg industry hens and save them from slaughter once they no longer lay enough eggs. But for now I will have to make do with this doodle! I often finish my drawings off with bold frames, but I wanted this one to have a ‘storybook’ feel to it, so I went with a frameless oval. I think I might try some more without a frame and see how it goes! Something that isn’t painting-related coming up next…

SCN_0153-004 SCN_0153-005