Curls #2: Collage


I enjoyed doing these curly hairstyles so much I had to do some more. This was a quick little collage piece, with lots of tearing up paper, culling words and cutting and sticking. My inner child was in heaven! Text reads:

And then flowers appeared,
filling the air,
ready to adorn her curly hair.

SCN_0162-006 SCN_0162-007


Lunch by the Stream


Close-ups below

This one is partly inspired by the time I spent as a child on family trips out and about on Dartmoor and other similar wild/outdoors-y places. Also, as a curly-haired person myself, I thought it was about time I rectified the fact that hardly any of my people have proper curls! Doing these hairstyles was actually really fun and strangely liberating – usually I’m trying hard not to let the fine lines wobble too much (see Fungus Fairy for the kind of style I mean), but here I could go nice and mad with the pen. Definitely more curly hairdos coming up!


Also, weirdly, this is for some reason the first doodle featuring a pure white T-shirt. Usually I like to colour the clothes in or have some kind of pattern on them, but in hindsight maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t – the mum’s jazzy yellow diamond number needs no other distractions! I used Bristol board on purpose for this one so the T-shirt could stay nice and crisp.



The lost flip-flop and disapproving duck

Excuse the quality of the pictures, my scanner does love to brighten things up unnecessarily.

Fungus Fairy


To go with the previous forest children (see Rat Whisperer and Flower Urchin)…a Fungus Fairy! This one kind of came together without much planning – the mushrooms just, well mushroomed into the image and the face I’d drawn became what it is now, complete with fungus (fungi?) wings & crown. Definitely more forest-themed creatures to come in the future, so keep an eye out.

Goos[z]eberry Picking


We’ve had some really hot weather in the past few days and the garden is looking beautiful, so I was inspired to do something bright & summery – and this index card was the result! I also realised I have never done a proper drawing featuring gooseberries(apart from the cheeky one on the home page here), so I’ve remedied that now :)