Lunch by the Stream


Close-ups below

This one is partly inspired by the time I spent as a child on family trips out and about on Dartmoor and other similar wild/outdoors-y places. Also, as a curly-haired person myself, I thought it was about time I rectified the fact that hardly any of my people have proper curls! Doing these hairstyles was actually really fun and strangely liberating – usually I’m trying hard not to let the fine lines wobble too much (see Fungus Fairy for the kind of style I mean), but here I could go nice and mad with the pen. Definitely more curly hairdos coming up!


Also, weirdly, this is for some reason the first doodle featuring a pure white T-shirt. Usually I like to colour the clothes in or have some kind of pattern on them, but in hindsight maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t – the mum’s jazzy yellow diamond number needs no other distractions! I used Bristol board on purpose for this one so the T-shirt could stay nice and crisp.



The lost flip-flop and disapproving duck

Excuse the quality of the pictures, my scanner does love to brighten things up unnecessarily.


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