Cats and Books and Birthdays…Again


Another birthday card! This one went to my dad. I realised once I’d finished it that it’s quite similar to the one I gave him last year (this fella in his library over here) but then again when I think of my dad I think of cats and books as he loves both – though maybe next year I’ll try something different!


The cat’s life in pictures


‘Pile of Crabs’


…as a scribbled note in my sketchbook said before I started this. Well, I knew what I meant! and this is sort of it (things never turn out exactly like they looked in your head, do they?). This is the first birthday card of the year for me, and it went to my lovely little niece :)

Happy New Year!


When does it stop being acceptable to say that? After a week, probably. Anyway, that doesn’t really matter as I’m kicking off 2016 by posting something from…2015. This is the last thing I finished in 2015 – the last thing I finished in general, actually. I’m in the middle of a few things, so hopefully I’ll remedy that pretty soon!
In the meantime, I hope your 2016 is full of tea and plenty of good books. Or, you know, whatever else you’d rather it be filled with.