Happy Easter!


Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all enjoy the extended weekend and it’s full of whatever sweet things you prefer.



We’ve had some gorgeous sunny days recently, the flowers are all coming out again and my inner hippy just couldn’t contain herself any longer. This followed on from a birthday card I recently did (which I can share with you next month) and I have a feeling there may be even more of these.

International Women’s Day 2016


Happy ‪International Women’s Day‬!

I thought I’d do a little portrait in purple to celebrate (purple being the colour of the International Women’s Day logo, also associated with the suffragettes etc.) It looks a bit more vibrant than this in real life!

The focus of the day this year is making global gender equality a reality. It makes sense to me that unless every child has access to a proper education, this goal can’t be met. To deny girls an education isn’t just a personal tragedy for the children who miss out (and some of the stories you read are heartbreaking – these girls have DREAMS), it’s a guaranteed setback for the societies they grow up in. It’s an own goal, basically.


A Quick Look to the Past as I Get Ahead of the Future



…Or that’s the plan anyway. Hello, again, it’s been a little while, hasn’t it? I have my excuses ready. The last two things I posted on here were birthday cards, and that’s what I’ve been working on while this site has been lying a little dormant. The card I did for my niece was finished the day before it was given to her and actually I felt that was cutting it a bit fine…so I decided to get ahead of all the other birthdays coming up over the next few months and get those cards done. All of which means I’ve been drawing and painting but not able to share it just yet.

Which brings me to the ‘look to the past’. This ostrich is from way back in 2014, when I started – and very nearly finished – an animal alphabet. You can see the first few in the series here.

There will be new stuff coming in the next week or so, freshly squeezed from 2016, so I hope you’ll keep checking back.