Happy Birthday Charlotte Brontë !


A little tea portrait to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of one of my favourite authors.Along with fellow badass novelist George Eliot, Charlotte Brontë would definitely be one of my Victorian guests at that dream dinner party we’re all going to throw for ourselves at some point. I drew it so that the titles could be read like a clock face – starting and ending with The Professor, which Charlotte wrote first but was only published after her death. On first glance though I guess it does look a little out of order. Anyway, I suppose that doesn’t matter – happy birthday, Charlotte! And thanks for providing us with some of the greatest novels of all time.


The Perfect Disguise


That’s one way to get closer to nature, I suppose…Yes, another peeping face! I’m loving working on these right now, and I definitely think there will be more coming soon, so watch this space!

In other news, I finally got myself a new scanner, so this is the first of what I hope will be many pictures that actually resemble the real doodle – no more washed-out colours or inexplicable blurry patch (my old scanner had issues) and no more relying on my phone for photos in an attempt to get a better representation of the colours. Things are looking brighter around here already :)