Study Pug


Exams are miserable (and it’s always sunny when you’re supposed to be revising)and I for one hope never to sit one again. But unfortunately my sister does, so I thought of something that would induce the opposite of misery for her – a pug! I have only ever drawn one pug before (say hello to him here) but I had so much fun doing this I am definitely going to do more. A few ideas have already been sparked, so keep an eye out!


The Pursuit of Happiness


Sunflowers make me so happy. One day I am going to run through a field filled with them and reach my nirvana. But until that happens I guess I will have to make do with drawing them-lots of them! It makes for something bright to look at on a rainy day, I suppose (yesterday and today, I am looking at you). More of these faces on the way!

Goozberry Green (Wo)Man


This was the spark for those two recent doodles of faces surrounded by nature (here and here – more on the way). I did this as a birthday card, as the person it was for has always been interested in the Green Man myth/imagery. At first I wasn’t convinced it was going to work out as it’s a bit of a departure from what I usually do (I think so anyway), but in the end I was pleased with it – and even more pleased to realise the possibilities for doing more of this kind of thing were kind of endless! Keep checking in :)