Study Pug Graduates


It’s graduation season, and my own brilliant sister has recently passed her degree. So of course I had to make the study pug I did for her when she was in the thick of revision graduate too!





My first ever art gif! This is a new photo booth piece I finished yesterday (see here for the first one) but as each image is designed as a sequence I thought it would be fun to animate it. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about doing a short animation, so experimenting with gifs seemed like a good way to ease myself into it, as I’m aware it would require me to have a lot of patience! Ignore the quality of these images though, I had to resort to my phone again – those scanner issues still haven’t quite left me!

Cat Photo Strip

A composite of the images to give an idea of what the real photo-booth style drawing looks like (the real one doesn’t have any shoddy joins!)