Poorly Pug


Another pug card for my sister to try and cheer her up as she recovers from being unwell (see here and here for the others I have sent her way recently – she must be bored of pugs by now, or my drawings of them at least – getting bored of the real thing isn’t possible). I originally intended just to draw the pug in his sick bed but it grew a lot more detailed as I went along. I’m sort of in love with the purple used in the background – cobalt violet. I got a new box of paints and this is probably my favourite colour in it, I love it! As I’m not so adept at mixing the same shade exactly on multiple occasions without wasting a lot of paint in the process it’s perfect to have the right purple all ready made in a tube. I think it’s a pretty safe bet that there will be a lot more of all things cobalt violet around here in the future (ssh, it’s revolutionary to me, I’ve never had a box with it in before ;) ).


Strawberry Feast


Close-ups below
A recent birthday card for a friend. Not sure where the 80’s inspiration came from for the jumpsuit! I like it though and will probably have a go at doing more…