Happy New Year – and Happy Veganuary!


Happy New Year to all of my lovely followers! I hope you enjoyed the festivities and 2017 brings positive things into your lives. I have something exciting to share with you soon, but in the meantime…Happy Veganuary! I’m not sure if this is just a UK thing but it’s a fantastic initiative and t seems like there are a lot of people taking part this year too. This is such a brilliant way to kick off a new year & a great opportunity to take some time to think about certain things that we might not otherwise question. The use of animals for our own gain is so ingrained in our society that it can sometimes feel impossible to confront, but doing something like this is an achievable way to start making a difference. You might even have fun!

2017 will be my 3-year-or-thereabouts Veganniversary, so I was a bit surprised when I realised I hadn’t done any vegan-themed doodles. Well I’ve remedied that now and I think there might be more in the future too! With this one I wanted to do something a bit cheeky that was both about being proud of being plant-based while sort of playing on the perception that vegans only eat ‘rabbit food’ 😜
This image will pop up again soon in a slightly different form but for now…

🌿 Good luck & enjoy the month! 🌿


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