Pencil Case Prototype No.2

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Second pencil case experiment all finished! This is made out of some calico I dyed with redcurrants, & as soon as I saw the delicate colour I knew I wanted to do something floral. This design is actually inspired by the first piece of original embroidery I ever did (you can see that here), & it was a lot fun updating that (& adding sequins to it – but when are sequins not fun?!)

I have lots of ideas & plans for more of these, with the ultimate aim of getting the standard of my sewing & finish to a point where I would feel comfortable listing some original pieces in my Etsy shop. So keep an eye out for that!


Peas in a Pod

Peapod clean green bground-001

It’s that time of year when all the veg seeds are being sown & some seedlings are starting to come through. I’m still waiting on some pepper & sunflower plants to make an appearance, so fingers crossed!

Happy Easter!

Easter bunny 17-001

Happy Easter lovely people! I love this time of year, I find it really motivating as everything starts to get some colour back into it and we actually get some sun (though today has been a bit miserable and grey, but this is the UK so…). Hope you get to enjoy the long weekend – I have a few plans for it, but we’ll see if they work out!

For the next few days this Easter card will have 20% off until I take the listing down, so if you feel like being super-organised & jumping ahead of next year you can find it here

Easter Bunny Cards Now Available

shop easter envelope 3

This year’s Easter design is now available here in my Etsy shop as a greetings card! There is just over a week to go so if you order now from the UK then they’ll be just in time. There are also still some free badges to get your hands on as a little thank you to my first 10 customers, but the number is dropping so do be quick if you’d like one. The shop has been open for just over a week now & it’s been a real learning curve but very exciting too. I really would love to hear what you think of how it’s looking, so don’t be shy!

shop easter front 1shop easter front close up

Easter bunny 17-001