Doodle #11: Siamese Twin & Other Developments

Siamese Cat - November 2013

Siamese cat: Acrylic paint & fineliner – November 2013

As promised, here is the Siamese twin of this fella. I used a new fineliner pen for these not-so-fine felines, and although it probably doesn’t look any different (!), it was a lot smoother to use – perfect for someone like me who has a bit of a wobbly hand, it doesn’t seem to leave a dot at the place where any unintentional stoppages occur.

Although this site might not show it, the past few months have been very busy behind the scenes art-wise. Since the last lino print I posted on here (1920’s Portrait), I have completed about six or so new designs (including a few more in the Portrait series, which I plan to continue – see also The Maid), experimented with slightly different lino, and got a whole boatload of new ideas in the process – all very exciting; I feel like I have found a medium that I really love, and hopefully I can continue to develop ideas and techniques in the future. I won’t post the new lot up on here until I have decided what I want to do with them – whether they work best as prints, cards etc. – and then printed them using a press and on proper paper.

On that note, I have been navigating the vast and somewhat confusing (for a newbie like me at least) world of art supplies. So much fancy paper! So many lovely ink colours! …So much money! I can dream, but in the meantime, I have a date with a calculator and a part of my brain that hasn’t used maths this confusing since school. I’m sure it’s still in there somewhere…