Still having fun experimenting with these. I know the alignment is still way off and the beginning is probably a bit too fast, but I can fix that with a bit more practice on the computery side of things. For now I just wanted to play around with a slightly longer sequence of drawings to see if I could understand each change from one frame to the next, and hopefully produce something that would fit together and make some sort of sense. A long way to go yet, but I will do some more – I might even throw a bit of colour in there next time!

Right, things will start to get festive around here now, promise!



Bit late for Halloween I know, but with the way the world is going right now the apocalyptic undertones in this scrappy little gif don’t feel too out of place…

I really hope to get better at doing these as it’s really fun building a sequence – at the moment though they’re looking v. sub-quality!




My first ever art gif! This is a new photo booth piece I finished yesterday (see here for the first one) but as each image is designed as a sequence I thought it would be fun to animate it. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about doing a short animation, so experimenting with gifs seemed like a good way to ease myself into it, as I’m aware it would require me to have a lot of patience! Ignore the quality of these images though, I had to resort to my phone again – those scanner issues still haven’t quite left me!

Cat Photo Strip

A composite of the images to give an idea of what the real photo-booth style drawing looks like (the real one doesn’t have any shoddy joins!)

Photo Booth #1


After a couple of disasters I managed to finish something which is a relief! I think the dog got fed up of waiting for his turn in the booth…
There will definitely be more of these photo booth paintings – each with a (probably not very nice) surprise at the end! I love working in monochrome and I already have a few ideas milling around my head, so keep an eye out.

June ’61


Another index card. I thought how perfect they would be for creating little photo-style portraits. I wanted this one to look a bit nostalgic (well, all photos are really) and weathered, as though it had been kept in a wallet or memento box for years and looked at often.

Linocut: The Maid

The Maid - July 2013

The Maid – July 2013

A new lino cut, finished and printed yesterday. With this one I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to finish it – white or black cap? Plain background or patterned? The ‘photo corners’ were a last-minute addition too, and overall I am pleased I didn’t cut them away. I found this one really fun to do for this reason; it felt a bit more spontaneous than any of the designs I have done so far, which were sketched out first and followed as they were, with little deviation or embellishments. This works well for me for some things as I tend to go overboard with adding extras that end up being taken away again because they add clutter where there should be something simple – I like a good white background!

But I also like the feeling of ‘building’ art, of piecing things together and playing around with different elements. Whether or not these elements will form part of a busy background or will sit alone against a white one depends on what I am doing, but with this lino cut I really enjoyed adding things on the spot – making decisions and then cutting away something that just moments before I had thought necessary to keep. I will challenge myself to take more risks with lino cut because that is part of the fun: one slip of the blade and the whole thing could be ruined. Or, depending on how bad a slip it is, a decision could be made right then and there to work with it and take the design in a slightly different direction than was originally planned.

Next on the linocut list: learn how to print properly. My prints are  still plagued by patchiness, and these are mistakes that can’t be disguised with improvisation! I know what the issue is – dodgy inks and a technique in need of a lot of practice – and hopefully a printing course with a professional will set me right.

Linocut: Woman in a Hat

Woman in Hat - May 2013

Woman in a Hat – May 2013 [photo]

More linocut! This is actually my fourth linocut design; the third needs a few rogue flecks of lino removed and so is waiting to be printed again. I’ve been practising printing onto computer paper as its smooth surface is good for getting a clear initial print, which is useful for checking whether the design needs any tweaking. It’s also cheaper than using up all of my decent cartridge paper while I work on getting the printing process right – you can still see a few patchy spots in the picture above. It’s been interesting to experiment using different kinds of paper to find out what effect their different textures have on the print produced. More to come!