Happy Father’s Day!

Fathers Day 2017-001


Poorly Pug


Another pug card for my sister to try and cheer her up as she recovers from being unwell (see here and here for the others I have sent her way recently – she must be bored of pugs by now, or my drawings of them at least – getting bored of the real thing isn’t possible). I originally intended just to draw the pug in his sick bed but it grew a lot more detailed as I went along. I’m sort of in love with the purple used in the background – cobalt violet. I got a new box of paints and this is probably my favourite colour in it, I love it! As I’m not so adept at mixing the same shade exactly on multiple occasions without wasting a lot of paint in the process it’s perfect to have the right purple all ready made in a tube. I think it’s a pretty safe bet that there will be a lot more of all things cobalt violet around here in the future (ssh, it’s revolutionary to me, I’ve never had a box with it in before ;) ).

Study Pug


Exams are miserable (and it’s always sunny when you’re supposed to be revising)and I for one hope never to sit one again. But unfortunately my sister does, so I thought of something that would induce the opposite of misery for her – a pug! I have only ever drawn one pug before (say hello to him here) but I had so much fun doing this I am definitely going to do more. A few ideas have already been sparked, so keep an eye out!

Mr Darcy II


Apparently there has already been a Mr Darcy I…definitely adding this one to the ‘future pet names’ list (is it just me who has one of these?!). This one actually started life as a design for a piece of sewing but let’s just say it didn’t go to plan when I started it!

Photo Booth #1


After a couple of disasters I managed to finish something which is a relief! I think the dog got fed up of waiting for his turn in the booth…
There will definitely be more of these photo booth paintings – each with a (probably not very nice) surprise at the end! I love working in monochrome and I already have a few ideas milling around my head, so keep an eye out.

Best Friends


Excuse the silence these past few weeks. I haven’t really been drawing for various reasons, but in the past few days I’ve started back on it again and here is something brand new as a result – just in time for the Bank Holiday (which hopefully you in those parts of the UK that had one have enjoyed).
As you can see I’m still having fun drawing curls, but this time I’ve given them to a dog. I’m also a little bit in love with the turquoise colour of the background of this one. I wouldn’t mind living somewhere with rooms painted in that shade!