Tiger, Tiger…

Tiger Girl Clean bground copyright

The latest in my little animal dress-up/hybrid series. I plan to make these into prints or sticker sets in the near future (I want to do a couple more first) so keep an eye out in my shop for that! You can see the previous two designs here & here. Which animal is your favourite so far?



Cat mum edited wider-001

Just a dedicated cat mum looking after her dozen cats! AKA a little piece of wish fulfilment on my part :) Close-ups below. I’m also doing a bit of a cat themed week over on my Instagram if you want to come and say hi!

Cat mum close up 3

Cat mum close up 1

Cat mum close up 2

Cat mum edited wider-004

Happy Pride Season!


Happy Pride season to all my LGBTQ+ followers! Hope you have the best time if you’re going to any Pride events this summer 🌈 ⠀



I’m still loving using markers instead of paint/coloured pencils – all of this except the skin colour of the two people on the left (tea) & the blue background (digital) is filled using marker pen. The coverage is way better & the colours pop more I think, & I do love my vibrant colours. I started off just getting a student set of them (Promarkers) a few months ago & since then I’ve bought quite a few individual ones to expand my range. Saving up for more!

Experimenting With Character Part 1


After about a month of being either too busy (with sewing), too distracted or just simply unmotivated to draw, it feels really good to finally have something new finished. This is the first part of a little character experiment, so keep an eye out for the second! I had a lot of fun doing this and I like the idea of maybe fleshing this one out a bit more in future.

I’ve got some really exciting plans for other bits and bobs this year so hopefully in the next few months I’ll be able to share a few of them with you too. Don’t forget you can follow me on Instagram here to keep up to date with my works in progress & just get a general sneaky look behind the scenes!

Peas in a Pod

Peapod clean green bground-001

It’s that time of year when all the veg seeds are being sown & some seedlings are starting to come through. I’m still waiting on some pepper & sunflower plants to make an appearance, so fingers crossed!

Happy Easter!

Easter bunny 17-001

Happy Easter lovely people! I love this time of year, I find it really motivating as everything starts to get some colour back into it and we actually get some sun (though today has been a bit miserable and grey, but this is the UK so…). Hope you get to enjoy the long weekend – I have a few plans for it, but we’ll see if they work out!

For the next few days this Easter card will have 20% off until I take the listing down, so if you feel like being super-organised & jumping ahead of next year you can find it here