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Another hybrid! You can see the first one here.


Happy Easter!

Easter bunny 17-001

Happy Easter lovely people! I love this time of year, I find it really motivating as everything starts to get some colour back into it and we actually get some sun (though today has been a bit miserable and grey, but this is the UK so…). Hope you get to enjoy the long weekend – I have a few plans for it, but we’ll see if they work out!

For the next few days this Easter card will have 20% off until I take the listing down, so if you feel like being super-organised & jumping ahead of next year you can find it here

Easter Bunny Cards Now Available

shop easter envelope 3

This year’s Easter design is now available here in my Etsy shop as a greetings card! There is just over a week to go so if you order now from the UK then they’ll be just in time. There are also still some free badges to get your hands on as a little thank you to my first 10 customers, but the number is dropping so do be quick if you’d like one. The shop has been open for just over a week now & it’s been a real learning curve but very exciting too. I really would love to hear what you think of how it’s looking, so don’t be shy!

shop easter front 1shop easter front close up

Easter bunny 17-001


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The final image in my series focusing on activities that can be beneficial for mental health, based on my own experiences. This one took a little longer than I wanted, as ‘creativity’ is such a broad spectrum I was at first a bit too spoilt for choice with what to include – at one stage I tried to cram in someone sculpting, sewing, painting AND printing. Even by my standards, that proved to be too busy a drawing for me! After taking a breather from it I decided focusing on the main thing I do, painting (though I don’t paint canvases), would be the best idea. You can see the other three in the series below:




All four will be available as cards very soon, with the money going to a mental health charity, so keep an eye out for that if you are interested.

Procrastinating Pig & Some Experimentation


When you’ve got some boring life admin to do so you put your specs on all businesslike and then you just…Yeah, pretty familiar?

This little piggy is actually supposed to be featuring in another drawing right now but he just couldn’t resist a little break for a cookie & cuppa. I’ve been experimenting a bit lately with different techniques – so while the central image & the flowers have been hand-drawn and painted as usual the background colour on this one and the Plant Eater design has been put in on Photoshop for a cleaner look. I quite like the freedom this gives me to play around with colour schemes too & I think it works well with these simpler designs. I’ve also bought myself a set of markers which I’m excited to properly test out as recently I’ve been a bit frustrated with not being able to achieve the finish I want with my cheapo acrylic paints. Let’s see what happens!

Happy New Year – and Happy Veganuary!


Happy New Year to all of my lovely followers! I hope you enjoyed the festivities and 2017 brings positive things into your lives. I have something exciting to share with you soon, but in the meantime…Happy Veganuary! I’m not sure if this is just a UK thing but it’s a fantastic initiative and t seems like there are a lot of people taking part this year too. This is such a brilliant way to kick off a new year & a great opportunity to take some time to think about certain things that we might not otherwise question. The use of animals for our own gain is so ingrained in our society that it can sometimes feel impossible to confront, but doing something like this is an achievable way to start making a difference. You might even have fun!

2017 will be my 3-year-or-thereabouts Veganniversary, so I was a bit surprised when I realised I hadn’t done any vegan-themed doodles. Well I’ve remedied that now and I think there might be more in the future too! With this one I wanted to do something a bit cheeky that was both about being proud of being plant-based while sort of playing on the perception that vegans only eat ‘rabbit food’ 😜
This image will pop up again soon in a slightly different form but for now…

🌿 Good luck & enjoy the month! 🌿

Merry Christmas!


This year’s Christmas card design. Merry Christmas! I’ll be busy over the break preparing a few things I’m excited to share with you, so I hope you’ll stick around. In the meantime you can now follow the Goozeberry Jar on Instagram here if you want a few sneak peaks! Have a wonderful festive break :)

And the Countdown Begins…


Something new & festive – as promised in the last post. I think the rat in the middle wins the costume contest -he’s paid attention to the details! The Santa rat hasn’t even got a hat on…



Still having fun experimenting with these. I know the alignment is still way off and the beginning is probably a bit too fast, but I can fix that with a bit more practice on the computery side of things. For now I just wanted to play around with a slightly longer sequence of drawings to see if I could understand each change from one frame to the next, and hopefully produce something that would fit together and make some sort of sense. A long way to go yet, but I will do some more – I might even throw a bit of colour in there next time!

Right, things will start to get festive around here now, promise!